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CMMI Associate Team Member(ATM) CMMI Licensed

CMMI Associate Team Member(ATM) CMMI Licensed

CMMI Associate Team Member(ATM) CMMI Licensed

  • Certified organization to conduct Lead AuditorTraining in ISO 31000 by LMS, (Accredited from International Accreditation Service a member of International Accreditation Forum
  • Licensed Training Partner with Cyber Accreditation Board ( an initiative of US Dept of Defense.
  • Member organization of Quality Council of India (
  • Licensed institute partner with CMMI Institute, Pittsburgh, USA (
  • Government eMarket Place (GeM) approved Organization (
  • Approved trainer and examiner for GDPR from Accredia - an Italian Accreditation Body

CMMI Institute

Experiential Learning Objectives (Practice Based)

  • Connect the CMMI with business value
  • Use CMMI as a tool for improving performance
  • Describe the components of CMMI V2 and how they work together
  • Discuss each of the core practice areas in the model
  • Interpret core content of CMMI V2 to serve effectively on an appraisal or process improvement team (after taking an appropriate Building Excellence course)
  • Know what it takes to be Maturity Level 2, 3, and beyond
  • Understand the high-level value of a CMMI appraisal
  • Know where to find information in the model


    1.1 Welcome!
  • Exercise: Your Stakeholder Needs
  • Exercise: Three Improvement Ideas
  • 1.2 Performance Excellence & CMMI
  • Exercise: Performance & Capability - Examples
  • Exercise: Excellent Companies - Examples
  • 1.3 CMMI V2 Product Suite
  • Exercise: Online Model Viewer Access (Walkthrough)
  • Exercise: What's New (for V1.3 Fans), What's Interesting (For Everyone Else)
  • 1.4 CMMI V2 Model Structure
  • Categories, Capability Areas
  • Practice Areas (PAs), Practice Groups (Levels), Practices
  • Views
  • Exercise: Capability Areas
  • Exercise: Practice Area Structure
  • 1.5 Doing the Work
  • Overview of PAs Specific to the Following Capability Areas (detailed in add-on courses):
  • Engineering and Developing Products (EDP)
  • Delivering and Managing Services (DMS)
  • Selecting and Managing Suppliers (SMS)
  • Exercise: Identifying Capability Areas and Practice Areas
  • 1.6 Ensuring Quality (ENQ)
  • Requirements Development and Management (RDM)
  • Process Quality Assurance (PQA)
  • Verification and Validation (VV)
  • Peer Reviews (PR)
  • Exercise: Practice Area Abbreviations
    1.7 Planning and Managing Work (PMW)
  • Estimating (EST)
  • Planning (PLAN)
  • Monitor and Control (MC)
  • Exercise: Capability Areas
    1.8 Managing Business Resilience (MBR)
  • Risk and Opportunity Management (RSK)
    1.9 Day 1 Wrap-up
  • Exercise: I Know, I Still Want to Know
  • Exercise: Name the PA
  • Homework Assignment


    2.1 Warm-up
  • Exercise: One-Word Feedback (How's Class So Far?)
  • Exercise: Assign PAs to Your Improvement Ideas
  • Exercise: Name the PA
  • 2.2 Sustaining Habit & Persistence (SHP)
  • Governance (GOV)
  • Implementation Infrastructure (II)
  • Exercise: Map GOV/II Practices to Organizational Success Factors
  • 2.3 Supporting Implementation (SI)
  • Causal Analysis and Resolution (CAR)
  • Decision Analysis and Resolution (DAR)
  • Configuration Management (CM)
  • Exercise: PA Abbreviations
  • The Hidden Practice Area! (Organizational Training [OT])
  • 2.4 Improving Performance (IMP)
  • Process Management (PCM)
  • Process Asset Development (PAD)
  • Managing Performance and Measurement (MPM)
  • Exercise: Practice Area Relationships
  • Exercise: Identifying Practices
  • 2.5 Maturity & Capability Levels
  • Exercise: Elevator Speeches
  • 2.6 Appraisals
    2.7 Putting It All Together
  • Exercise: Name the PA
  • Exercise: Scenario Evaluation
  • 2.8 Next Steps
  • Graduation
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